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Animal Medicine Reading: Lizard Medicine

Posted on October - 4 - 2011

We have come around again to a reptile Animal Totem – the Lizard. Like the snake, its skin is soft and smooth to the touch. This is contrary to popular misconception, but nevertheless true. Like the snake, Lizard sheds its skin as it grows so new skin can become exposed. Keeping in tune with a transformation theme, we can see Lizard bringing us two messages.

First it is a call to shed the old to make room for the new. We may need to shed old ideas, unrealistic goals and modify dreams. Modifying or redefining our dreams is the second message, for Lizard is the totem of dreams. Lizard medicine can take dreams and make them reality. We may need to look behind us to determine what "shadows" are holding us back and how we can use the realm of shadows to create a positive reality beginning with dreams. It also lets us know if we are not getting enough sleep or dreamtime. Dreamtime is the realm in which we problem solve and rest the mind as well as the body. The mind needs dreamtime to work through issues whether we remember them or not so dreamtime is also a shadow realm. The body needs dreamtime to rest as well so we can be better equipped to meet the following day.

Above all else, Lizard is a call to allow our imaginations to take hold. Imagination is the mother of dreams, daydreams, goals, hopes and wishes and if we do not wish or daydream we cannot hope that our dreams can come true.

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