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When the Soul Hurts

Posted on October - 25 - 2011

Life happens and it is not always joyous. There are times when we are challenged so much that our soul hurts. This happens for a number of reasons. There could be an ill parent or spouse, money problems, our own health, worries about our children and much, much more. We come to live in fear of any difficult outcome in our lives, and we begin to feel alone. In short, our soul starts to hurt, leading to a deep wounding pain that blinds us to anything other than our pain.

There are two ways we react to a wounded soul. One is anger. The other is depression. In reality, they’re one in the same, as depression is anger directed inward. When we’re depressed, we direct our anger against ourselves because we feel helpless to change what is happening in our lives.

Regardless of how anger manifests itself in our lives, we can hurt others when we are in pain. We may lash out at those around us or we may withdraw from those who love us. Either way, the quality of our lives is greatly changed. If we do not choose to address our pain, we may be in for a long-term cycle of pain.

Over 20 million people suffer from some form of mental illness. Ongoing anger and depression are only a few of the maladies that encompass mental illness. One thing is certain—the longer we allow ourselves to be victim to our pain, the more entrenched in emotional illness we will become.

While seeking spiritual guidance to help address the hurting soul, it is also important to seek help medically or through counseling. Spiritual guidance can help us understand what we’re going through, but we can only heal by stopping the mental and emotional cycle we may be experiencing.

We can also choose to accept the fact that we are not alone, but part a community where many share our struggle to heal the soul. This will help us to not feel singled out as we work through our anger.

In times of stress, it may also be helpful to pray for yourself and ask God to lift mental anguish. Light a blue candle for yourself, for this brings tranquility to the mind. Remember to cleanse your candle before using it. You can do this simply by wetting your hands and mentally cleansing the candle as you rub it down with your hands.

These simple steps can be the beginning of healing the hurting soul. Belief is very important when your soul is hurting so return to your spiritual roots to remember you are not alone.

There are many other simple, therapeutic methods you can take to heal your tired soul. Contact an expert advisor at www.PowerfulPsychics.com to begin your journey of spiritual healing or call 1-888-984-7744

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